Skies Out, Thighs Out.

Happy birthday ‘Merica! What an amazing last couple of days it has been. Last Tuesday the Nancy’s Tammy’s team lit a darn fire under our feet and got to work on our donations. In fact, in a matter of 6 days we have raised $1,747.30… INCREDIBLE!!! Our goal is to surpass $5,400 and we are already 32% closer to that goal. I am in AWE of the generosity we have received – thank you, thank you, thank you!

I had the luck of spending the last week with my mom and knowing that my friend ‘Ed’ doesn’t have that anymore breaks my heart (cue the darn tears). My mom is my best friend and I know I take her for granted at times and that I get cranky (like yesterday in rain storm – sorry mom) but I love her so much and know I am lucky to still have her in my life. My hope is that the money that we raise in these next few months will help one family, like Ed’s, battling this horrible, horrible disease. Cancer is such an AWFUL beast-  it’s hard to believe that every 14 minutes a life is STILL lost to it… every 14 minutes a family loses someone they love so much. It literally hurts my heart and I hate it so much! (Ugh, ugly crying to Lindsay and Tallulah now, just great!)

Ok, if you want to give, please do… as much or as little as you can really goes a long way to help! If you want to hear all the ways just let me know because I was built to ramble on about this great cause! The Avon Walk even offers payment plans… think about it!!! Donate here.

So last Tuesday afternoon, Thelma and Louise (Sherry and I) hit the open road to our nation’s capitol (I can never remember if it’s an ‘A’ or an ‘O’ so roll with it because I’m too lazy to Google it).

Open Road

Our first stop was to see my Nana, Aunt Tracey and the trio of cousins better known as (only to Jeff) Bri-Zan-Ya, well not the Bri part (apparently she is too popular and gets invited to back to back beach trips… I see how it is boo). My time in NoVa (northern Virginia… getting fancy on ya) was wonderful, I don’t get to spend enough time with my extended family and I am excited that we will all be reuniting again in a month for Molly & David’s nuptials (I will gut somebody for the bouquet, just warning all you single ladies).

Sher and I set back out on the road on Friday making our way to the eastern shore of Maryland and for some bonding time with my sister from another mister (and misses), my cousin Becky and her peoples.

They took me to the most bizarre locations, which I loved…

Suicide Bridge

And their kids got to order whatever they wanted for dinner…



For the misses… noodles with butter, apple sauce, fries and shrimp cocktail. For the mister… pizza, mozzarella sticks, apple sauce and two orders of fries. To say I was jealous of their meals is an understatement!

When we got home Kennedy, basically my mini-me, got ready for bed and before allowing me in her room told me to ‘excuse the mess – the neighbor girls made it messy’ and she has just had no time to pick-up. The amount of pink in her kingdom makes me insane and crazy jealous.


The next day was filled with baseball, playgrounds, cotton candy (it’s fat free you know), Chipotle, dead crabs, jelly fish, sailing (because I’m a sailor) and anger towards Jimmie Johnson. And then we left.

Back home it rained and rained a lot. I always prayed that I would find a guy like my dad and I’ll be damned if my mans isn’t just like good old Steve. I told my mom that Jeff was so bored that he scrubbed his house clean… like literally scrubbed. She responded and said the house and yard at my parent’s house was immaculate when she arrived home. We got us some good ones! Jeff even surprised me with flowers… someone must have been VERY lonely!


Sorry, had to be mushy for a minute!

Ok, back to what this is all about… donations. Please donate if you haven’t, if you have please share our link with your friends and family. Cancer affects so many people in the world, we are just trying to do something to stop it!




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